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The Standard | Episode 8: Forever Sooners

This project is a documentary series for University of Oklahoma Football Recruiting, created to showcase what it's like to be a part of one of the world's most prestigious football brands. The Standard served as a recruiting tool for the nation's top high school athletes and their parents and persuaded the athletes to commit, sign and join the Sooners.


With the players, coaches, and staff in a bubble and media access limited due to COVID-19 restrictions, and recruits couldn’t make campus visits. I was brought into the bubble to help produce this documentary series until additional production members served as the sole producer, director, cinematographer, and editor. I coordinated interviews, scheduled production and travel, and documented games and subjects.


A coinciding hiring and budget freeze limited options for gear and production purposes. The production team pulled together every piece of personal equipment to make this documentary happen. A group of as many as three shooters filmed storylines, practices, and games with multiple camera setups, two Black Magic Pocket 6k, a GH5s, and a Canon 1DX.


I edited and graded multi-camera setups from games and practices, synchronizing and mixing sound design and broadcast audio to bring the game-day atmosphere to those who could not attend.

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